Gentle Professional Cleaning

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Teeth Cleanings

The Teeth Cleaning Process

During a routine teeth cleaning, our dentist performs the following steps:


First, our dentist will conduct an oral examination to determine the health of your gums and teeth. Any problem areas will be identified, and further tests and examinations can be performed if needed. Our dentist will also ask for your dental history. Once the examination has been completed, we will move on to the teeth cleaning.

Tartar and Plaque Removal

The teeth cleaning process would start with the removal of tartar and plaque buildup. Our dentist will begin by targeting the larger deposits. This process varies, especially if it’s your first time.


After the tartar and plaque have been removed, our dentist will start polishing your teeth to help you achieve a great smile.

Rinsing and Fluoride Application

Finally, our dentist will rinse out your mouth to eliminate leftover debris and apply fluoride to your teeth. Applying fluoride is essential for your overall oral health as it protects your teeth from deterioration.

Types of Teeth Cleaning

There are different types of teeth cleanings. Typically, when you visit our dental office, our dentist performs a regular cleaning to eliminate tartar and plaque buildup. However, you might need a different cleaning procedure, depending on the current state of your oral health. After the examination, our dentist will recommend the cleaning process that is most suitable for you.

The following are the different types of teeth cleanings:

Regular Cleaning

A regular cleaning consists of a process in which our dentist eliminates stains, tartar and plaque from your teeth. Our dentist typically recommends that this cleaning process is performed at least twice a year. For patients with gum health problems, our dentist could recommend more visits for teeth cleanings and other treatments.

Deep Cleaning

This teeth cleaning is recommended by our dentist if you have signs of gum disease. The signs and symptoms of gum disease include a strong buildup of tartar and plaque under the gums, bleeding gums, x-rays showing tooth loss and the identification of deep gum pockets.

Periodontal Maintenance

This type of teeth cleaning is typically recommended after you have undergone a periodontal treatment, like deep cleaning. Continuous maintenance is important because gum disease can recur if a proper follow-up is not performed. This process of teeth cleaning includes removal of tartar and plaque from below and above the gum line and deep cleaning of certain areas on your teeth. It's followed up by teeth polishing. This process is also recommended after oral surgery.

Full Mouth Debridement

In cases where there is a drastic tartar and plaque buildup, making it difficult to even conduct an oral examination, our dentist might recommend this teeth cleaning procedure. Full mouth debridement includes completely removing hard tartar and plaque from your gums and teeth. Our dentist performs this procedure before the oral examination is conducted, and further diagnosis can be given regarding your current oral health, afterward.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

As was mentioned above, the teeth cleaning process is crucial for your overall oral health. There are plenty of reasons why you should visit our dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Some advantages of teeth cleaning include:

Cavity Prevention

Plaque is one of the major reasons for tooth decay. This is an acidic substance that eats away at the enamel. If it’s not removed regularly, the plaque buildup could result in cavities. The teeth cleaning process performed by our dentist helps to remove stubborn plaque to prevent cavities.

Tooth Loss Prevention

When plaque buildup is left unattended, it can result in gum disease, which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. If the gum disease spreads, the plaque starts spreading and may damage the bone support in the jaw. This can cause loose teeth and, eventually, tooth loss.

Bad Breath Prevention

Regular professional cleanings mean maintenance for your oral health. Good oral health results in fresh breath and a healthy mouth.

Brighter Smile

The stains on your teeth are typically caused by smoking, wine, tea and coffee. However, these stains can be eliminated with the help of teeth cleaning that leaves your teeth looking polished, giving you a brighter and more beautiful smile.

Improved Health

Numerous studies have determined a link between oral health and overall health. Regular teeth cleanings performed by our dentist can result in better overall wellness.

Frequency of Teeth Cleaning

Our dentist will determine when thorough teeth cleanings should be performed, and our team will schedule your appointments accordingly. The frequency of teeth cleanings varies from patient to patient, so we recommend that you schedule an appointment at our office.  Our dentist can give you a protocol for teeth cleanings and other dental procedures at that time.

For children, it’s recommended that parents get them started as early as three years of age and have their teeth cleaned twice a year. This helps them maintain good oral hygiene from a young age.

Having your teeth cleaned is essential for maintaining good oral health. Schedule your teeth cleaning appointment with our dentist at Alegre Dental @ Petroglyphs by calling our office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at 505-836-1076. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy smile!